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 Shanghai SUSFAN company located in Shanghai city Baoshan industrial zone is the air management industry pioneer and leader, it is composed of two leading companies in the field of industrial engineering and gas processing; Xing Tong Environment and Xing Tong international merged, referred to as SUS. The enterprise has strong technical foundation, including the application of ventilation products building ventilation systems and industrial gas transportation and cooling, SUS vision is the global leader in wind turbine industry.

The SUS group is always the leader in the forefront of the industry, not only has a recognized professional skills and the advanced design idea, also has the leading market brands products library. SUS brand fan ventilation system to product frontier science and technology, environmental protection and energy conservation based on the market, exported to the international market management policy. Product engineering at home and abroad have a lot of successful cases, applied the Jiangnan Shipyard, Volkswagen, 1933 Creative Park, the Bank of Shanghai, China building, Shanghai subway, Honeywell, ABB, BYD, Futukang, electrical power, in the core of electronic and other well-known enterprises process ventilation and cooling and ventilation system of building engineering. At present, SUS (Baoshan) factory has been put into operation, provide ventilation product type industrial grade good for customers, including stainless steel fan, PP anti-corrosion fan, fan, ship building dedicated fan, ventilation systems engineering and other accessories, more obvious competitive advantage at the same time to provide customers with quality products. Build a strong scientific and technological strength and technology centers, specialized processing center, facilities perfect testing center, each product manufacturing must meet strict operating conditions, fan installed more than 20 years after the still operating normally, ensure product performance but also reduce the cost of procurement of customers. We promise cooperation to be held on system designers, installers and end users at home and abroad. With product and excellent service, warm atmosphere of sales, technology innovation and reliable frontier, environmental protection, energy-saving fan product returns to every customer.

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